What if Liz is right to break up Nick and Jess now, before they became boring and bland, and now we have again the chance to relive the excitement of them getting back together, with the renewed sexual tension, only even better, because now they have history, both knowing exactly what they are missing.

I totally think this is possible, but I’m just worried because the show’s biological clock is ticking in more ways than 1. The characters are 32, and if they have to completely start over with relationships and eventually with each other, they will definitely be on the older side with marriage and kids. Also, next season could be the last, and if they spend half or more of the season apart, we will never really get to see them make real progress. However, if the breakup causes better episodes and makes the show last longer, I’m all for it, for now.


my friend Pete literally makes mercry with his snap stories

this is me, i am pete, love me 

we love you pete

thank you pete

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i’m like an iphone i just lose energy without doing anything